B. 1985. Israel. Lives and works in Tel Aviv. Golan received his MFA  from the School of the Art Institute Chicago in 2020. Earned his BFA from “Bezalel” Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, graduated with honors in 2015. Participated in solo and group exhibitions and festivals in The Israel Museum-Jerusalem, Amazigh Contemporary Gallery-Chicago, Alfred Gallery-Tel Aviv as well as others. Was awarded the 2019 International Sculpture Center Award for student achievement, the SAIC Graduate Dean Professional Development Award, the Special project prize by Rabinovich foundation and Tel Aviv ministry of art and culture and the BFA excellence award in Video Art, By Presser Michel and Lorine Foundation and the Young artists prize by Israeli Culture ministry. Golan has collaborated with choreographers (Eran Abukassis, Sally-Anne Fridland and Lihi Vegmister) to create a dialogue between moving bodies and installation work. His work was published and covered in Sculpture magazine, Haaretz, Telavivian and Erev-Rav.

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