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Damped Vibrations

Curated by Maya Frenkel Tenne | Rosenfeld Gallery. Tel Aviv | 2022 

The title of the exhibition is borrowed from Physics, it describes a shift in the state of a given mechanical  system over time. The  vibration oscillation depends on  the properties  of the  system (material properties for example); the force that is applied to it; and the resistive force that keeps it under control. Damped vibrations subside over time, such as motion of a pendulum, or guitar strings. 

 A water trough positioned under a damp screen, seemingly collecting the drops off of it to a sound of paced breathing. Out of a metal pipe, a trail of balls drains into the water trough as well. A J-shaped figurine hangs on  a bar,  somewhat static, or about to roll up. The silent objects are asking to deny their stillness, they too create an inner pace similar to a mechanical device, or a digestive tract of sorts. A thin line is running through the different parts of the installation outlining an imaginary scene of movement and flow. 

Photos taken by Tal Nissim

Curatorial text: Maya Frenkel Tenne

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