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One Week

Curated by Smadar Levy | Alfred Gallery. Tel Aviv. | 2018 

The show is named after Buster Keaton's silent movie "One Week" from 1920. The protagonist of the film is a newly married man who tries to build a self-assembled house kit in a single week, which the young couple received as a wedding gift. At the end of the week, after a choreography of nonsensical constructional errors, abundant stunts and manipulations that were being enforced on the hero's body and the new home, the house falls apart.

"One Week" adopts the image of the anti-hero and the comic-tragic character of Buster Keaton as the spiritual father of the work. The exhibition consists of seven sculptures and light projections, which lay out the attempts, the failures and even the impossibility of male nesting, as an existential, local and artistic possibility.


With the support of the arts department in the culture wing of Tel Aviv municipality and the Rabinovich foundation for arts Tel Aviv. 

Photos taken by Tal Nissim

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